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[Meta] A New Home

01 Mar 2014

February was my last month at Twisted Oak Studios. It's been two years since I started working there, and about a year and a half since started writing a blog post each week for their blog.

I still have a growing list of ideas for posts, all clawing to get out. This site,, is where that content will end up. (Strilanc doesn't mean anything. I chose it the same way Randall Munroe chose xkcd, except I used random syllables instead of random characters.)

Twisted Oak was a wonderful work environment and I enjoyed it immensely. The hours were beyond flexible. As a cooperative, the closest thing I had to a boss was my amazing co-worker Jazz dealing with clients and pushing for what they wanted. Everyone was geniunely happy for me when I told them I had a job offer. (They even gave me permission to copy the twisted oak posts here, but I prefer to keep the links stable.)

March will be my first month at Google. Google should also be a wonderful work environment, if not in the same ways as Twisted Oak. I'm looking forward to the challenge, and hoping the move to New York goes smoothly.