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[Meta] Joining Google's Quantum AI Team

01 Mar 2017

I have really exciting news. This month I'm moving from New York to Santa Barbara, to become part of the quantum ai team at Google!

If you've been following news or talks about quantum stuff at Google, then you already know why I'm excited. I don't know if Google will be first to hit quantum supremacy ascendancy, where an actual quantum computer can do some task, any task, even an esoteric one, faster and cheaper than existing supercomputers. And I don't know if humanity is at the beginning of a quantum information era, or if that's still ten or twenty years away. But I think it's a good bet, or at least an interesting bet, and I'm honored to have some small part in that.

Given the news, I feel the need to clearly restate some disclaimers about this blog.

This is a blog about computer science and software development trivia, not a blog for timelines or industry editorials. The stuff I write about will continue to be chosen independently of what I'm working on professionally, unless otherwise noted. If I write about quantum-thing-X, it's because I found quantum-thing-X interesting. Not because Google is or isn't interested in quantum-thing-X.

But still, any opinion I express on this blog is my own and only my own. I don't speak for Google. Or for the quantum ai team. Obviously.

California, here I come.